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Researchers in Residence: PhD or Postdoc wanted as research host for TV documentary

Researchers in Residence, a school placement scheme funded by Research Councils UK, is looking for a Newcastle-based researcher to run an engaging project about their area of interest in a local secondary school or FE college as part of a TV documentary to be featured in TeachersTV and new online science channel Newton TV.


The documentary will be an excellent profile raiser, maximise the impact of your research and boost your CV by developing teaching and communication skills  

Filming is likely to take place during one or two days in November by a Teachers TV film crew and will involved teacher and research interviews.

The project is likely to include practical demonstrations and a talk about your work across a range of Key Stage 3 and 4 year groups.  The classroom teacher will support participating researchers and communication training to help develop activities will be provided.

This opportunity is open to PhD and post doc researchers that are directly, or indirectly funded by one of the seven Research Councils or Wellcome Trust.

Interested researchers should apply by completing the online application form at www.researchersinresidence.ac.uk by October 10.


PGCE bursaries for science teaching – update

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There are changes to the bursaries available for those training to teach secondary science. In the past, the bursary was£9k. For 2010-11 this continues for Physics and Chemistry, but reduces to £6k for Biology. 

 The PGCE course fee is around £3200 and you can apply for a student loan to cover this.

Golden Hellos’, payable after one year’s employment as a teacher are available to those teaching ICT (£2.5k) or science/maths (£5k).

Full details  are available on the TDA website.