Interested in Science Policy?

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The Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) has launched a programme of Professional Development Policy Seminars for early career researchers, introducing them to the opportunities and the realities of engaging with policy. In collaboration with the Society of Biology, the next seminar in the series will be for early career biologists from a range of disciplines and interest areas. The seminar will take place on 11 November and discuss how policy officials seek science advice, the ways in which science gets into policy, and will explore examples of the challenges and opportunities.  

The seminar will take place at Charles Darwin House, London on 11 November.

It will provide a dynamic introduction that will encourage and enable scientists to engage and to improve dialogue with policymakers.

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Job Vacancies – Scientific Support to EU Policy Making

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The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has just launched a jobs competition through the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) with the aim of increasing its scientific support to EU policy making. Over 270 successful candidates will be retained on reserve lists to meet the JRC’s needs in the coming years. Recruitment possibilities exist at the JRC’s research institutes, located in Italy (Ispra), Spain (Seville), the Netherlands (Petten), Germany (Karlsruhe) and Belgium (Geel).

Researchers with competence, experience and language skills are encouraged to apply in one of the following fields:

  • Chemistry, Biology and Health Sciences
  • Physics
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Quantitative Policy Analysis
  • Spatial Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Energy Sciences
  • Communication/Information Technology

The competitions are open to all EU nationals having the required university qualification, a proven record in research and a satisfactory knowledge of English, French or German. Vacancies are available for researchers at AD6 and AD7 levels, corresponding to professional experience of at least three or six years respectively in the chosen field.

To complete the online application forms please click here. Registration is open until the 4th November.

For more information please visit the website.