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Career paths of researchers

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Do you want to make more informed decisions about the next steps in your career?

Do you want to explore the many options that are available to doctoral graduates to assist with your career decision making?

What do researchers do? Labour market information

is a new online resource on the career destinations of doctoral graduates from Vitae.

  • Find out about the fifteen main employment sectors for doctoral graduates, including the current state of the industry, future projected trends, the roles that doctoral graduates have taken up in each sector in recent years and useful resources, including key employers within the sector
  • Read profiles on sixty of the most common occupations for doctoral graduates, including numbers of doctoral graduates entering these jobs, a brief explanation of what the role entails, entry requirements, typical salaries and useful links
  • Explore the career paths and destinations which researchers from individual disciplines and subjects have followed
  • Get advice on using labour market information to assist with career planning

Remember, you also have access to 1:1 advice and support through the Newcastle University Careers Service and indepth resources and information through the Careers Service website.