Research Staff – have your say via the CROS survey

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This is your opportunity to tell the university (anonymously) how you feel about your working conditions, career aspirations and career development opportunities. Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) 2011 is designed for research staff and is open for 3 weeks between 09-31 May 2011.  CROS has been continually capturing the views of UK research staff since 2002, and at Newcastle is the main way research staff opinion is gathered. The data helps inform decisions and developments relating to the employment, training and career development of research staff.

It takes about 20 minutes to share your views and experiences of being a researcher and help shape provision to support your development.

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Results will be analysed by the Research Staff Support Team at Newcastle. Key findings and recommendations will be emailed to you during the summer and reviewed at Faculty and University level. Data is used to help the university shape the provision of support for your development and address major issues. National results help inform the government and research funders on matters of relevance to research staff.

At Newcastle, CROS has lead to improvements for research staff including:

  • Higher profile of research staff needs throughout the University.
  • Improved communication with Research Staff.
  • New offerings in training and development provision, tailored to need.
  • Improvements in Performance and Development Review (PDR).
  • Faculty Induction for Research Staff.
  • Greater access to personal careers guidance and support for longer term career planning.

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