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You are Wanted!

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Would you like to be a guest blogger?

Perhaps you are a member of research staff or a research student at Newcastle University?

Maybe you are a recruiter of those with a PhD or research experience – in academia, industry or elsewhere?

Your role might involve the support of  researchers?

Could you be a past researcher from Newcastle, having moved on in your career to another institution or a different career path entirely?

We are looking for guest bloggers to share their insights and experiences with others via this blog. Your contribution could be a one-off or a regular thing. You might have insights to share on a specific topic; academic career progression; moving out of academia; what makes a good CV; where to look for vacancies or how to network. Perhaps you are making a transition and want to share your progress with others as you go through the process? Maybe you have recently made a significant career move and want to document how you get on in your new position?

Whatever your idea on contributing to this blog – let me know – just send me an email at