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Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Here in Careers we’re always trying to find ways to provide more tailored support for our researchers.

We’ve been working hard to create an online careers guide especially for researchers, outlining the ways in which we can support you, as well as key information and resources to help with your career planning and job seeking.

We’re launching the guide as part of this blog so that you’re able to access news and updates alongside the additional online guidance, all in one place.

In the process we will be giving this blog a make-over and so we will be temporarily taking it offline next week.

So… to all our faithful subscribers and occasional visitors, watch this space.

We’ll be back.


Bioscience Careers Blog

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Sarah Blackford, head of Education & Public Affairs at the Society for Experimental Biology has launched the Bioscience Careers Blog. This is aimed at those working and studying in Bioscience in the Higher Education Sector and features resources, news, events and other information to help you in your career development. There are specific sections aimed at postdoctoral researchers and research students and even those outside of bioscience may find some of the posts useful.

On the Newcastle Researchers’ Blog you will find a page called ‘other blogs for researchers’ which features a link to the Bioscience Careers Blog and other blogs of interest to researchers. If you know of other blogs that could help researchers with their career thinking, do tell us about them!

18 Bloggers

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Following a training session earlier today we can now boast 18 bloggers!

Over coffee and danish pastries the new recruits got an insight into blogging, Newcastle University Careers Service style. As a result, you may well receive posts from research staff, research students and a diverse range of university staff that have a remit to support you. So look out for what they write and encourage their contributions by adding your comments. Now could be the time to remind colleagues and friends to subscribe to alerts from us!

Happy Reading…….

You are Wanted!

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Would you like to be a guest blogger?

Perhaps you are a member of research staff or a research student at Newcastle University?

Maybe you are a recruiter of those with a PhD or research experience – in academia, industry or elsewhere?

Your role might involve the support of  researchers?

Could you be a past researcher from Newcastle, having moved on in your career to another institution or a different career path entirely?

We are looking for guest bloggers to share their insights and experiences with others via this blog. Your contribution could be a one-off or a regular thing. You might have insights to share on a specific topic; academic career progression; moving out of academia; what makes a good CV; where to look for vacancies or how to network. Perhaps you are making a transition and want to share your progress with others as you go through the process? Maybe you have recently made a significant career move and want to document how you get on in your new position?

Whatever your idea on contributing to this blog – let me know – just send me an email at