Training and events

The Careers Service delivers bespoke training for PhD and Research Staff. Workshops will enable you to:

Training and eventsgrow in confidence, and know how to promote yourself effectively to prospective employers. Sessions which focus on  selection and recruitment practices including assessment centres, psychomtric tests,  CV writing and  interview techniques are fun, interactive and practical.

examine and discuss career management skills though specialist programmes such as: Transitions and Career Lunchbites (for research staff), and PhD Pathways (for research students). These workshops will help you to consider and explore your own career direction providing you with practical next step action plans.

identify your personality traits and how to manange working relationships. Popular MBTI workshops are informative and often enlightening.

explore tools for networking and public engagement. You will be provided with opportunity to review your usage of social networking tools such as LinkedIn.

PhD students

Look at the events page on the Careers Service website for more information on what’s available and how to book. Workshops are also listed in your faculty graduate training programme  (for SAgEFMS and HASS).

Research staff 

See workshops and programmes and development activities on the Staff Development Unit website.

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