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Whether you want to develop enterprising skills, discuss an idea, start up or grow your business, Rise Up offers you expert guidance, training, resources and opportunities to help you explore and develop your entrepreneurial side.

Our team of development officers, business advisers, professional partners and student interns can help you get the information, skills, support and connections you need.

If you are a registered student (undergraduate or postgraduate) or graduate of Newcastle University you have free access to Rise Up  for life.

Developing enterprising skills

Creative, enterprising and entrepreneurial: this is the profile you need to stand out from the crowd in the global economy of the 21st century. So even if self-employment isn’t your immediate goal, Rise Up can still help you develop key skills employers look for in today’s postgraduates.  Becoming involved in our activities will help you become more innovative, enterprising and employable and widen your professional and social network.

Explore your ideas

It may be that you have the seed of a business idea but you are not sure what to do next. Many of our postgrad clients are trying to find some way to continue to do what they love, often looking at ways to develop and sustain the output from a research project. We are happy to talk to you at any time and help you to explore your options and take the next steps with access to expert advice, support and opportunities.

Starting a business

Once you have reached the point where you have committed to the idea of self-employment, Rise Up can support you through the challenges you’ll face in ‘making it happen’, be that as a freelancer, social enterprise or registered company. Our development officers and business advisers can offer you specialist one-to-one advice and practical tips on setting up and running a business.

Growing your business

Development OfficerWe know that some researchers are already established freelancers, or company owners, who have reached the stage where they are looking to grow an existing business. In the process of your research you may well have identified a new market for your product or service and find yourself in need of need of investment to expand. Our team of development officers, business advisers and professional partners have all the information, advice and guidance you need to understand your growth aspirations and how to make them a reality. We can also use our network of contacts to connect you to the investor and small business finance community through the Rise Up Pitch. We can’t give you this investment but we can help you meet those who can!

Founderships – a completely new kind of funding opportunity for PGRs with business ideas

It may be that you have been developing a business idea in tandem with your research. This might be a direct spin out from your research or it could be totally unrelated – but if it is a good idea, with the potential to achieve scale (in other words the potential to eventually create jobs for others as well as yourself)  the Rise Up team would like to hear from you. This is an unprecedented opportunity for PGRs to be awarded a package which includes work space, advice, support, business funding and a stipend of £10,000 to cover living expenses.

We’re looking for ‘Founders’: people who are thinking big about their ideas and can evidence their potential success.

For full details go to the Founderships page on the Careers Service website

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