Self employmentYou may not have seriously considered the idea of self-employment, but for researchers this is a very real option. Of course it may be that your research has an obvious commercial application, but we also see many researchers embarking on entrepreneurial business ideas that are unrelated to their subject: languages graduates developing apps, engineers setting up publishing companies, and so on.

We have an ever expanding alumnus of musicians, scientists, café owners, engineers, medics and fine artists. Take a look at the Rise Up blog to see examples of some of the businesses the Careers Service’s Rise Up team are working with.

It is certainly the case that no matter what your discipline, many of the attributes you have developed as a researcher will equip you well for self-employment, should you decide on that route. We know that you are no stranger to hard work and long hours in the pursuit of a long term project; you are likely to be creative, resourceful and will have both a clear understanding and position on ethics – essential when assessing the underlying values of any business venture.


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