Researcher Careers and Recession

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Vitae has set up an online discussion space on researcher careers and recession. Specifically commissioned articles have been posted here and you are able to make comments, raise questions and concerns and post useful information that you want to share with others.
The titles of the articles include;
  • Research and recession
  • Challenges and perspectives for early career researchers during the current economic climate
  • Impact of the recession on research and research careers
  • Universities, researchers and the recession
  • Careers and recession – from the perspective of a head of postgraduate career development
  • How do recruiters make shortlisting decisions

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Advice on Academic CVs direct from the horse’s mouth

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What are the essential elements of a good academic CV and what can PhDs and postdocs do to make themselves more employable in the long term?

 Chair of a Graduate School….

75% of it is about good publications in prestigious journals – aim to be 1st author in early stage of career. Also use good references – someone who knows you – at least PI level, perhaps Head of Department.

Training – provide evidence and examples of your expertise level.

Move around – contributes to your research knowledge. Shows you are prepared to go outside your comfort zone. 

Law Lecturer…

Research not expected at postdoc level for Law Lecturer. Where a PhD is from is important, as are references. Look for a good publication record – 1 or 2 in good publications from PhD. Spelling / attention to detail are important. Use existing academic CVs on university websites to see what works and what doesn’t. Get teaching experience in a related area.

Move around – large law departments are often multi-cultural / multi-lingual.

Representative from RCUK…

Spelling and presentation. Make sure you follow any instructions and guidelines.

Senior Lecturer…

Obvious generic applications go in the bin. If you do go abroad, go to a well recognised lab / PI where you will have a good learning experience. Time spent abroad in a mediocre lab is not that useful.

For PhD humour try PhDcomics

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