Looking for postdoc jobs – are you giving yourself a fighting chance?

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If you’re looking for a postdoc, you’ll need no reminder of the challenges ahead. Limited funding and increasing numbers of applicants makes for fierce competition. Faced with such a gloomy outlook, it’s easy to feel despondent about your chances. Thankfully, statistics rarely convey individual experience. Talk to those who’ve already made it and you’ll quickly learn that much can be done to improve your odds. The Guardian recently did some networking of it’s own and gathered some great tips for those looking for post doc jobs. Post doc

Advice from others is often one of the most helpful approaches to finding work yet many graduates struggle to reach the right people. Working in university research, you’re probably already working alongside (or nearby) those who’ve fought their way to where you want to be. Most people are happy to talk about their experience. Take advantage of your position, talk to those ‘in the know’, follow their advice and give yourself the best possible chance of success and while you’re working through their advice, maybe reading about others‘ six months on from the job hunt will reassure you it can be done.

Looking for first-rate job opportunities in the North East – as well as other locations across the UK?

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DWP siteAs someone who moved to the North East many years ago never thinking they’d be the career opportunities to stay long term, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when researchers keen to remain here, are concerned about limiting their career prospects if they stay, so it’s always good to share opportunities that help to address this concern and show that higher education isn’t the only place that values higher level research and analytical skills. Read the rest of this entry »

LinkedIn: What’s it all about?

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It’s a very 21st century thing to be Googled. Around 80% of employers Google applicants before inviting them to interviews – and that’s just the ones that admit it. I shouldn’t need to be advising anybody in the job market to lock down their personal Facebook or Twitter accounts, but LinkedIn works in the opposite way: it’s there to show you off to potential employers. If 80% of employers are Googling you, it’s about time you gave them something to look at. LinkedIn acts as a kind of digital CV and portfolio, that I’m sure will put the traditional paper CV six feet deep before long. The digital world is fast becoming the job market’s new home, with over 200 million LinkedIn members worldwide, if you don’t have a profile it’s time to get ahead of the curve.

It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn exists to serve those in the middle of their…

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Being a postdoc at Newcastle: I wish I’d known about…

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Today saw the first Career Lunch Bites workshop for postdoc researchers, where the group explored issues around networking. Usually, this session focuses on how to persuade a professor to collaborate with you in the future. Interestingly, today’s group was particularly interested in how to get to know their postdoc colleagues here at the university. The $64,000 question is: how?! Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Research Fellowships

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From the John Innes Centre:JIC

Independent Research Fellowships

At the John Innes Centre, we are actively encouraging Independent Research Fellows to undertake their fellowships at JIC, where they can benefit from our outstanding facilities. Read the rest of this entry »

Where the Performing Arts meets Research Dissemination – no seriously!

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If you thought the only way academic research could be disseminated was through journals and conference presentations – then think again!

On Thursday 19th February, Northern Stage is hosting a scratch night of brand new theatre inspired by research being conducted right now at Newcastle University! Created and performed by researchers in collaboration with theatre company Cap-a-pie and associates, this night provides a fascinating insight into academic’s work through theatre.

Whether you’re interested in novel ways of disseminating research, or just curious to understand how one could possibly undertake a physical representation of a journal article, this is definitely one not to miss!

Date and Time: Thursday 19th February, 7pm

Venue: Northern Stage

Price: £5

For more info and to purchase tickets, see here.

Event: Gain a Global Advantage

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A date for your diary: the Gain a Global Advantage half day is taking place in the Business School on 25 February 2015, starting at 12:00 ( lunch included for students who register!). There are some great sessions which include input from Disney, Nike, Lloyds and PayPal.

Information about the event, timetable, sign up links etc. are on the NUBS website whilst the full timetable can be found here.

Students need to register in advance and can do so now using  links next to each workshop descriptor (use the ‘Workshop Information’ tab).

The event is open to the whole University  – some of the sessions look particularly relevant for SML students including:

  • Talk about working for Disney (languages pretty essential for working in Paris for example)
  • Ramona Namsone,Talent Acquisition Manager, Nigel Frank (employs many languages students)
  • Chris Smith, Data Manager for Global Sustainability, P&G

For more information email geo@ncl.ac.uk

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