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Opportunities to shape your career come in many forms. What may seem like a casual conversation with a friend of a friend could turn out to be the start of a serious recruitment process. In the context of this blog, when we talk about opportunities, we’re referring more specifically to placements and jobs.

Although unearthing and applying for opportunities may seem onerous, the process should not be unfamiliar to a researcher, and you certainly have the right skill set for the task.

Approach your job search just like your research project:


Choose your topic. Are you planning to stay in academia, or move into a different area?

Refine the question. What type of role are you looking for?

Establish the background. Keep up to date with developments in your research area or employment sector.

Create a plan. Organise your time to allow you to work on your CV and plan your job search.

Use a combination of sources. Primary (speculative applications and networking) and secondary (jobs board and recruitment agencies).

Review and reflect. Is your plan working? Evaluate your sources – how useful or reliable are they? Is your application tailored enough?

Use the Careers Service like a supervisor. Run your ideas past us, show us your applications and find out if you’re missing any key sources.


Careers Service staff are available on a drop-in basis throughout the year to help you with your job search. To get you started, this section covers the following:

• Placements and internships
• Job seeking
• Finding jobs around the world
• Postdoc vacancy sources


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