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Application ProcessApplying for jobs usually requires a combination of steps, depending on the type of job that you’re going for. We can support you with your applications, whether that’s via 1-1 support, or through our training sessions.

Academic jobs interviews, for example, typically involve an application form, interview, and presentation, and can often take a whole day including lunch or dinner with academic staff and the other applicants.

Outside of academia, employers also use the application form and interview approach, but may require you to do psychometric tests, phone interviews and assessment centres in addition.

Whatever job you’re applying for, remember that all employers only ever want to know three things about you:

• Can you do the job?
• Do you want to do the job?
• Do you want to do the job with us?

Every time an employer looks at your application, or asks you a question in the interview, they are assessing ‘Do you have what I want? Are you capable and motivated, and do you understand what we do?’.

With this in mind, the principles of writing good applications are pretty simple and universal to most jobs. There is some excellent advice on the Careers Service website on:

• assessment centres
• psychometric tests, including some practice activities
• presentations
• phone/Skype interviews.

We would also recommend checking Graduate Connections and My Interview Experience, to see if any of our former graduates have any advice on applying to your chosen employer.

Manchester Academic Careers and Vitae offer additional advice on applying for academic jobs, however, we have a few pointers of our own based on our experience of offering feedback on CVs and application forms.


Need more help?

For more information about how to access help from the Careers Service, see our Support page.


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