External resources for researchers

External resources

Vitae – blog aimed at research staff – all research staff can contribute articles and comments.

Jobs.ac.uk – career blogs from contributors in academia and other environments including a new lecturer, a PhD student, a Research and Business Engagement Officer and a teacher of English in Japan.

Manchester Postgraduate Career Blog – aimed at postgraduates based at Manchester but useful for all, including research staff as well as students.

Research Fundermentals – written by the Research Funding Manager at the University of Kent, and full of lots of useful and irreverent information about research funding in higher education.

A Retrosynthetic Life – written by a postdoctoral researcher in Germany, who is particularly interested in higher education, science and policy, with some great reflections on life as a researcher.

The Guardian’s Higher Education Blog – lots of news and opinion about current developments in Higher Education; a great resource for keeping up-to-date about issues within the sector.

An Academic Career – tailored information about what it takes to make it as an academic, wherever you are in your career.

Alternative PHD  – finding new paths in academia and outside the ivory walls.

Sellout – produced by Mark Johnson, an English literature PhD who found careers outside the university. What’s it like working outside academe? How should you prepare? This site explores these questions and more.

Recent European Research Area Reports – on research careers and mobility.


Sector specific blogs:

Bioscience Careers Blog – aimed at Bioscientists working or studying in Higher Education, with sections aimed at postdocs and postgraduate researchers.

Beyond the PhD – aimed at arts and humanities PhD researchers, ‘What next after the PhD? Beyond the PhD’ was developed as a career resource by the UK Centre for Career Management Studies (CCMS). It offers thought provoking personal and professional insights into life after the PhD.

British Academy for the humanities and social sciences  – details information about funding, fellowships and events.

Beyond Academe – This site can be used by PhDs in other fields but you will find that much of the information provide is intended specifically for historians.


Others blogs for researchers

 New Academic Guides – written by Nadine Muller, a Lecturer in English Literature and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores, who has developed a particular interest in postgraduate and early-career development, including the training needs of doctoral students and early-career researchers.

From PhD to Life – written by Jennifer Polk, History PhD turned academic and career coach, for graduate students and PhDs.

 Life After the PhD – provides career advice for graduate students considering non-academic careers. Features interviews with PhDs who have gone onto successful careers outside of academia.

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