What does employability mean for researchers?

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Tjob_jigsaw_300he University has commissioned the Careers Service to write a strategy on student employability. The Careers Service believes that it is essential that the strategy represents the voice of our postgraduate research students (PGRs), and is looking to run a focus group with PGRs to explore:

  • What does employability mean to PGRs?
  • Does the current thinking about the strategy reflect PGR needs?

This is a great opportunity for PGRs to voice their views on their specific career development needs, and influence a university-level strategy in its development stage.

We’re looking to recruit around 20 PGR students from across the university to take part in the focus group, which is being held from 10-12pm on Tuesday 8th December (tea and biscuits provided).

Whether you are engaged with the Careers Service or not, we would love to hear your views. If you are interested in getting involved in the session, please contact Lorna Dargan (Careers Service lead for PGRs) by Wednesday 25th November with expressions of interest.



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