What does it mean to be a researcher in a world of open data and open research? Join Twitter chat #vitaechat from 1-2pm today to find out more.

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Researchers are under increasing pressure to be more ‘open’ in their research, through open access publication, open data, and their social media presence. Between 1-2pm, TODAY Friday 23rd October, Vitae is running an online Twitter chat #vitaechat and leading a discussion on the potential career benefits and opportunities associated with open research, as well as the steps researchers need to take to prepare themselves to be effective in an open research environment, both within an academic career and beyond.

The chat will cover aspects such as

  • What ‘open’ environments and expectations are you interacting with?
  • What skills can you gain from being more open in your research?
  • How can those skills open career doors?
  • How can professional development help researchers flourish in an open environment?
  • What are the responsibilities of funders, universities, researcher developers and researchers themselves?


The open research environment is already here, but you can take steps to prepare yourself for a new way of interacting with research, capitalise on the opportunity to develop yourself, and open doors in your career


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