Welcome to the new academic year……

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smiley face1Whether you are new to Newcastle or embarking on another year of research, we wish a warm welcome, and hope you enjoy the coming months of study. The start of anything new can be a little uncertain and nerve wracking, least of all if you are unsure what happens next. We know that this feeling extends to what lies beyond your research, so……….

If the future feels uncertain and you sometimes wonder if you have a career, remember that the conventional idea of a ‘job for life’, steadily rising up a hierarchy, is now less relevant.  Careers now:

  • are less likely to be set within a single organisation or even a single occupation over a lifetime.
  • globalisation, competition and financial constraints have led to massive restructuring, more short-term contracts and an emphasis on skills development. All sectors have been affected, including higher education.

The balance of responsibility for career management has shifted from employer to individual. As job opportunities in one specialism or geographic region fade, others blossom.  To maintain employability, you need to be able to adapt to these changes by continuously developing and transferring your skills.

We hope you will keep in touch with us, via this ‘your researcher’s blog’, to keep on top of news, events and opportunities aimed to assist you in your career planning.


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