Jobs for PhDs on our vacancies online site – current vacancies

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Job seekingWe’ve got a lot of resources on the Careers Service website to help you find vacancies, whether that’s sector-specific job sites on our exploring occupations pages, local companies you can send a speculative application to from our North East Graduate Directory, or broader options for finding vacancies (not forgetting, of course, the good advice we have on job seeking on this very blog).

You might be aware that we have a Careers Service jobs site as well as all the above. Vacancies Online has listings for jobs, internships and work experience, which are all searchable by sector and region. They might not always ask for someone with a PhD, but as we know from our recruitment fairs, that doesn’t mean that employers don’t want to recruit PhDs, or value the experience that they bring.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, one of the features I like about Vacancies Online is that you can save your search once you’ve run it, so I get emails once a week that match my search criteria. It so happens that this week, Marketwise Strategies is specifically looking for postgraduates to fill two of their vacancies. They’ve recruited several of our PhDs and postdocs before, as they are looking for people who want to use their research skills outside academia.

You can find the postings on Vacancies Online running a keyword search on ‘marketwise’, but why not see what else is available while you’re on there?


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