What’s in a story?

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Many opportunities exist for Researchers to attend conferences that focus on the transitions made to post docs and alternatives to careers in academia. Next week alone, Manchester Careers will be hosting their annual Pathways event, the Historical Society are running another ask the experts event, and our own Northern Bridge Digital Humanities, Summer School, on the 4-5 June has a bespoke showcase event ‘Collaboration for Career Success’. So what value is there in attending these events, and what can be taken from the stories shared?

You may wonder what you have to learn from listening to someone who is doing a job, which may bear no resemblance to what you want to do. But their stories are valuable. As a researcher you have the skills to interact and collaborate with others to share ideas, advice and techniques. You have the ability to elicit information and reflect critically on it. Others careers stories have the potential to provide you with inspiration, ideas, advice and possibly powerful contacts.

Darcey Gillespie writing for Careers Manchester talks us through how we can think differently when we listen to another’s story.

“I’d like to demonstrate that Anna Bee’s story, moving from academic to social researcher, is a rich source of career information, advice and inspiration. I’ve downloaded Anna’s story from the Vitae website and annotated it with comments and questions of the sorts you could use to make sure you learn the most from listening to people’s career stories. Rather than lessons about a particular career, this is an opportunity to learn how to manage and develop a career, acquire new perspectives on thinking about careers, new strategies for decision-making and job-hunting.

Here’s Anna’s career story with questions and comments .”

What contacts could you be making and whose stories should you be listening to?

Come and talk to us at the careers service about making contacts .


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