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mentoringCareer Mentoring links postgraduate students to mentors working in industry to help with career planning outside academia. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to work directly with someone who can raise awareness about how your skills can be used in other settings.

Meet Maryam, a Computing Science research student

Maryam is in the final year of her PhD and got involved with Career Mentoring to help identify potential job opportunities outside academia. She told us about her experience on the programme:

‘Career Mentoring has had a few advantages for me so far. First, computing science is male dominant in the UK, hence a few challenges exist for a female researcher in this area. Therefore, I asked for a female mentor to share my concerns with her. This has been a remarkable opportunity for me so far since I have found she has experienced similar challenges too. In many cases, my mentor shared her ideas about how to deal with these issues.

Second, the best part of having a mentor is that they become your friend. It gives you the feeling of being advised and supported by a professional person in a friendly way. My mentor and I talk about everything, not only work-related topics. In this way, she gets to know my personality in different aspects and can advise me accordingly.

And third, my mentor has worked with different companies and she knows industrial work environments very well. I can ask my questions about industry and get more familiar with these work spaces to see if I can work outside the university.’

Maryam has had several sessions with her mentor and is getting towards the end of the programme. Would she recommend the programme to other students?

‘I find these meetings with my mentor very informative, helpful and enjoyable. I get the chance to open up about my concerns as a person without much experience, with someone who has faced similar challenges. I definitely recommend this programme to other students too.’

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