Job Opportunity: Researcher, Marketwise Strategies.

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    We are looking for an experienced postgraduate researcher; a current PhD student wanting part-time, commercial research experience, or a PhD graduate wishing to take on a full-time research role. We are open to applicants from a range of disciplines.

Marketwise Strategies is a market research consultancy that helps universities and other knowledge-based organisations to develop new products and services, position their brands and ‘de-risk’ their business decisions. We work with universities from across the UK; carrying out bespoke, in-depth research in their domestic and international markets. We also have a strong client base among large, London-based, not-for-profit organisations and among technology companies (in markets from health and life sciences to renewable energy).

Projects typically involve detailed desk research as well as primary data gathering. Recent examples include research to inform marketing and ‘Core Content’ for the MindEd e-portal ( ( ) and for the development of a new university campus in South East Asia.

Our primary aim at all times is to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We undertake high quality, rigorous research that culminates in practical recommendations. This and our open, highly ethical culture make us stand out, and we look for the same qualities when recruiting new staff.

The role

Marketwise Strategies has a vacancy for a Researcher (educated to postgraduate level), to:

  • Conduct high level desk research, in UK and international markets
  • Analyse and report upon qualitative data (typically, from depth interviews with senior executives and from online discussions)
  • Analyse and report upon quantitative data from surveys.

The focus of the role will depend on current projects and upon your skills and experience. In addition, there may also be an opportunity to carry out in-depth telephone interviewing.

You will be working in a closely-knit team of researchers, all of whom have backgrounds in higher education – as teachers, researchers or postgraduate students. Several of our researchers have studied or worked at Newcastle University, in disciplines including History, Education, Politics and Biochemical Science. (see Dr John Gibson’s attached LinkedIn profile). We look for rounded individuals – not just academic excellence and work experience. Outside work our researchers have varied interests, with roles that have included school governors, radio DJ, human rights activist and cinema projectionist.

Person specification

The following are essential for the role:

  • High level skills in data analysis and reporting
  • Excellent written English
  • Attention to detail
  • An inquisitive nature – to ‘get under the skin’ of the data
  • A strong work ethic – being prepared to work additional hours/flexibly where required.

To be considered for this role, you will need to have excellent knowledge of research processes. In addition, we would particularly welcome experience in:

  • Analysing qualitative data, such as transcripts of interviews and focus groups
  • Carrying out internet-based research, such as competitor analysis
  • Analysing quantitative, survey data
  • Using qualitative data analysis software (e.g. NVivo)
  • Using quantitative data analysis software (e.g. Snap, SPSS)
  • MS Office skills, in particular MS Excel
  • A commercial (ideally research or marketing) business environment
  • Primary data gathering, especially depth interviewing, focus group moderation, questionnaire design, and setting up and managing online surveys.

The role can be either full-time or part-time, with flexibility to accommodate current PhD studies. Due to rapid growth in our business, we are ideally seeking someone who can begin work at short notice (i.e. this vacancy is immediate). Initially, this will be a temporary position; however if you perform well and show an interest in developing a career in market research, there may be an opportunity to progress to a permanent role.

If you are interested in the role please send your CV and covering letter to: Jacquie Potts, Managing Director on


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