Being a postdoc at Newcastle: I wish I’d known about…

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Today saw the first Career Lunch Bites workshop for postdoc researchers, where the group explored issues around networking. Usually, this session focuses on how to persuade a professor to collaborate with you in the future. Interestingly, today’s group was particularly interested in how to get to know their postdoc colleagues here at the university. The $64,000 question is: how?!

The group felt that, whilst the students had lots of opportunities to meet and talk to each other, and lots of support for settling in at the university, the same could not be said for staff. There was a feeling that to was difficult to meet and talk to other postdocs within Schools and research institutes, as well as across the whole university. The group also felt that, being new to the city (as well as the country!), it would have been good to talk to colleagues about anything from where to live, to which cab firms to use, to how to access support and advice.

It made me wonder what other postdocs wished that they had known when they came to Newcastle. I’m sure that there must be a wealth of knowledge out there amongst our blog readers that we can all tap into – good places to grab lunch; where to meet other film buffs; how to get support for your fellowship application, and where to find the best peanut butter brownies in the city (though the latter is a bit of a no-brainer – Quilliam Brothers, obviously!).

So, researchers, what kinds of information would you have found helpful when you were settling in to the university? And do you have any advice or tips for other postdocs out there, based on your own experiences of the uni and the city? Tips and suggestions welcome in the comments box below, but if you’re feeling shy, email me your tips direct and I’ll post our collated questions and wisdom in future.

Looking forward to hearing your wit and wisdom!


2 thoughts on “Being a postdoc at Newcastle: I wish I’d known about…

    Alistair said:
    12/02/2015 at 4:20 pm

    Do you think that new people in the city could benefit from the experience of those of us who have always lived here? As a post-doc originally from down the road in Washington (CD, not DC!), I always make the effort to integrate new post-docs into the research group and the city; to tell them the best places to go, the must-see sights, the best cafés, the best burgers, the history of the area, the best villages to visit on bus trips. Perhaps those of us who’ve been here all our lives have a duty of responsibility to help new folks make the most of our wonderful city!

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      Lorna Dargan responded:
      13/02/2015 at 10:32 am

      Definitely Alistair! And likewise good for new colleagues to share their experiences with the old hands. After 19 years living in the city, I sometimes find I take it for granted, and new folks often have great tips for me too.

      Any top tips to share Alistair?


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