Speaking the Same Language (Friday 6th Feb, 10-4)

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Last January I got together with my fellow doctoral researcher Jane to run a workshop for arts and humanities students. We both have long histories in enterprise education and entrepreneurship and had realised that although many PGR students want to find ways to sustain their practice long-term, much of the typical business set-up training seemed alien – and frankly a foreign language. We were awarded some AHRC funding to pilot a new workshop, and helped by fellow research students at Durham and Queen’s, put together the first ‘Speaking the Same Language’ event. The day long workshop was designed to speak directly to creative practitioners. Creative writers and musicians from Newcastle, Durham and Belfast spent the day working together and learning ways in which they could apply tools and processes to start to view their own practice in a business context – in a way that could work for them. A musician provided the real live case study.
Since then we have further developed the workshop for a wider group of research students and this year, for the first time, Speaking the Same Language is being offered as part of the 2014/15 training programme for HASS PGRS. Students from all disciplines are welcome – we would love some of you Social Scientists to join us well as Arts and Humanities students!
Bring yourselves and your ideas and we will help you by providing resources and skills development.
Sign up through the usual PGR training Registration process:
And do get in touch with one of us if you have any questions about the workshop….


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