FameLab 2015

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If you have a passion for science, technology, engineering or maths, and want to communicate your passion to others, then why not enter FameLab’s 2015 competition? You can access mentoring support from some of the world’s best science communicators, and there’s prize money to boot. What’s not to like?

“If you think you can explain a concept in science, mathematics or engineering in just 3 minutes using only the props you can carry on stage with you, then enter a FameLab competition near you! At each location we offer FREE training and information sessions with top STEM communicators. 

FameLab contestants are coached and mentored by some of the best science communicators in the world. By entering FameLab you will begin a journey with like-minded people, explore your own potential and, most of all, have a fantastic time! If all that isn’t enough you might like to know that you can win a place on our expenses paid master class as well as £1000 prize money + £750 to spend on a public engagement activity”.

For more information about how to enter, check the FameLab website. To book your place at the University’s FameLab training session click here.


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