Achieving Career Success (2nd year HASS Faculty Researchers)

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Achieving Career Success (2nd year HASS Faculty Researchers)Career Success

Wednesday 12th November 2:30 – 4:00, Doctoral Training Room.

Whether you are ambitious with clear career goals or someone who sees what life brings, thinking about your career and what you want from it is something you need to make time for.

Many people aspire to an academic career after they complete their doctorate. A career in academia is highly competitive as only a small percentage of doctoral graduates go on to have a long term career in this field. This percentage is highly variable by country and subject area too. Do you know how to increase your chance of success in academia? Or do you want to explore alternative options outside of academia?

This session will provide an opportunity to consider your next steps and explore how your postgraduate qualification will help you get there. We will:

ü  explore your hopes and fears about the future.

ü  identify skills, strategies and actions to help you manage your personal and career development and maximise benefit from your research experience.

ü  develop your confidence and motivation for career development and provide a next step action plan.

To sign up for this 90 minute workshop book via the e-booking system at

This workshop is aimed at 2nd year researchers. Places are available to other years if space accommodates.


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