Serial Project Management

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planner boardGuest post from Dawn Weatherston, one of the Careers’s Service’s Entrepreneurial Development Officers.

It is widely predicted that by 2020 up to 50% of us are likely to be working on a freelance basis. It seems that the separate identities of employee, intrapreneur, entrepreneur and freelancer are becoming increasingly blurred and we will tend to move between all of these roles in the course of our careers.

Many PGRs (particularly those wishing to remain in academia) already go on to negotiate a complex career path involving short term research projects and part-time teaching,  in some cases alongside independent entrepreneurial activity related to their specialism  – I’m thinking here of musicians and fine artists.

The skill that underpins all of these future possible roles is that of project management.

As a serial project manager myself I believe that the only way to learn to be a good project manager is to project manage. You are already managing one large project – your PhD!  Look out for the project management training courses which form a core part of your PGR training but also think about setting up your own small projects, drawing upon funding and support available within the university.

At Rise Up we love a project – if you have an idea come and talk to us and we will get you started!

Dawn Weatherston

Entrepreneurial Development Officer (HASS)


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