Networking? I’d rather eat my own shoes, thanks …

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Well worth a read. Tell somebody today about this article and see what might grow from it….

University of Manchester Careers Blog

notlistening‘Professional’. ‘Networking’. Two words that strike fear into the core of any sane individual. The title of this blog is a direct quote from a successful, experienced professional who I was out networking with – but we call it ‘going for beers’ or ‘grabbing a coffee’, depending on the mood and time of day.

Between academic study, a social life, sports and society commitments, a regular slot at the gym, plus usual daily stuff, who in their right mind would willingly give up precious time to attend a session or situation where we have to mingle with strangers and make uncomfortable small talk.

Networking is much, much maligned, and I’m starting to feel a little bit sorry for it – like someone you have always found irritating but on mature reflection realise actually they’re not nearly as bad as you thought. There is no magic to it. It’s not rocket…

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