Interested in working in the Rail Industry.. conference opportunity

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Where does your journey take youResearch has identified a major gap is likely to develop in the rail industry, especially in engineering skills. They are therefore looking for the brightest candidates to join this exciting sector and build the community of future rail leaders and educators.

Rail Research UK Association(RRUKA),is a partnership between the British rail industry and UK universities. Established in 2010, RRUKA builds on a recent resurgence in university-based railway research, and seeks to enhance already strong collaborative relationships between academia and the railway industry.

For this reason, RRUKA, the Young Railway Professionals (YRP)andFutureRailway have jointly organised the Next Generation Railconference which addresses the challenges of

  • attracting the younger generation to the rail industry by demonstrating that it is an exciting sector to work in;
  • retaining young talent, enhancing their skills and developing an active and effective interaction between tomorrow’s rail leaders and educators;
  • promoting innovation in rail transport.

Now in its 2nd year,Next Generation Rail has been created for early-career researchers, PhD students and young professionals who would like to get involved in the rail industry and enhance their professional data:text/mce-internal,development within their studies and career.  The conference will offer a great opportunity to network, attend skill-focused workshops, find out about the many opportunities that rail has to offer and take part in a number of competitions with a number of cash prizes up for take!

As Newcastle University is one of 39 RRUKA members Masters and PhD students, research associates and lecturers within the following departments are encouraged to attend:

  • Engineering and Physical Science
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Business Admin / Management
  • Psychology (there is a great interest in human factors in rail)

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