Library Boot Camp for Researchers: training and tips from the Library information fitness squad

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I was just at the SAgE faculty Researcher Board, where Moira Bent from the Library gave us an overview of a ‘bootcamp’ that the team are running for researchers.

Perhaps I don’t spend enough time on the library’s website, but every time I click through, or talk to one of their staff, I am genuinely amazed by the services that they offer for researchers. A few months ago, for example, I was delivering a workshop for the Staff Development Unit on using social media for career planning, and came across this absolute beast of a resource on social media for researchers, with tips from working remotely with colleagues around the globe to disseminating your research. I saw some great research from LSE on social media as a dissemination tool, and the impact that just tweeting your work can have on your full-text downloads, so I’d strongly recommend that you give the library’s resource a good read!

But back to boot camp: Moira talked us through the range of activities on offer to help PhDs and research staff ‘get fitter’ when it comes to finding resources for your research; from gentle ‘warm-ups’, to ‘personal training’ through individual feedback, to a bit of ‘speedwork’ for those quick-hit queries.

It runs for five weeks, and would be well worth a look. Information resources are developing so quickly these days, that I think even the most experienced of us would benefit from a refresher.

Library Boot Camp

Running from February 24th to March 28th, Library Boot Camp is a programme of training, advice and tips to help you tone up your information skills and head for a podium finish. It includes the following elements:

• Personal training: book a one-to-one consultancy with us for search tips and in-depth advice on resources within and beyond the Library. We’ll give you a personalised search plan to help you get organised.

• Virtual gym: visit our online ‘dissertation station’ for a thorough skills workout. Packed full of useful tips and resources.

• Specialist workshops: we’ve invited guest trainers to deliver workshops on various specialist topics and resources.

For full details and online booking, visit the Boot Camp now:

Here’s what other users have said about their recent consultancies with library staff:

“Thanks very much for this, it’s really useful. I realise I have so many more things to research now!”

“Thank you for the work you have done: it will be a massive help… The service provided is excellent.”

“Thank you ever so much for your help and the tidied version of the research plan! I feel I am well on my way now to finding some good resources.”


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