Environment Agency flash flooding competition

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A competition from the Environment Agency, who are keen to involve PhDs and postdocs in their “University Challenge” competition. Details below!

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Are you a student or post doc studying in the North of England? Have you got an idea on how we can help communities at risk of flash flooding?

You will have seen over the last few weeks how devastating flooding can be and how the impact can be, and is, being felt by communities for weeks and months after the rain has finished falling and the tides have receded.

Whether it be flooding from rivers, the sea or from flash flooding, the risk to communities and businesses is often significant. Across the country around 215 communities have been identified by the Environment Agency as being at risk of flash flooding, with 125 in the North of England alone.

This years’ University Challenge competition is your opportunity to present your innovative ideas or solution to the issue of flash flooding to the Environment Agency and CIWEM. We are always keen to improve our ability to mitigate the impacts of flash flooding and both the Environment Agency or our partners may look to help develop or deliver your idea within a local community or suitable area.

The competition is open to students and post-docs within the North of England. As well as being a great experience and addition to your C.V. the competition and following presentation ceremony is great opportunity to present your idea to industry professionals and possibly attract interest or funding to your idea and provides an excellent networking opportunity for your future careers. This could be your opportunity to directly help local communities using the ideas you present, but be quick, the competition closes on Friday 14 February.

Please visit http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/143191.aspx for more information on the competition, and details on how to enter. If you have any specific questions, please email flashfloodingchallenge@environment-agency.gov.uk



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