Improve your chances of getting a job… more magazines!

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Believe it or not reading magazines, periodicals, journals, e-zines, (call them what you will) is a great way to provide you with information to make you stand out at interview.

Reading real examples of work practices, case studies and the issues companies face, can help you understand the expectations of an employer.Employers need you to understand the profession or sector they work in. Developing your commercial awareness by reading industry journals can help you research this and give you some background as well as facts and figures to use.

Many journals are written by professional bodies, others are more trade magazines, and some like the Economist & New Scientist are considered suitable for general consumption and sold everywhere.  The University Library holds a wide selection of journals for all subjects many of which can be accessed online.When picking a journal or magazine first consider what it is you want to find out about. Consider researching…..






  • Information on new products
  • Innovations & best practice
  • Customer & sales trends
  • Impact of policies or the economy
  • Articles on key players in the industry
  • Case studies
  • Industry awards

Industry journals can also contain useful……

  • Sources of vacancies
  • Directories of member companies or service directories – useful for making speculative applications, and
  • Information on new training or recruitment initiatives

 Use this information to help you plan…….

  • what they need to know about your experience or skills
  • real world examples to use as evidence when talking about commercial aspects of the job
  • what questions you might ask them

and as a bonus this may also help you with your thesis…


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