Interested in 1-1 work with students? Why not become a CV Adviser?

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The Careers Service is now recruiting part-time CV Advisers for the next academic year, and is particularly keen to recruit PhD students to the role, currently being advertised on the university’s website.

Why is this a good option for a PGR? Knowing how the CV Advisers work, it’s excellent experience for careers both inside and outside academia. It gives you the opportunity to work 1-1 with students and clients, and trains you to effectively use ‘active learning’ techniques to help clients understand for themselves where improvements need to be made. This would be excellent experience for anyone interested in supervision; training; development; and providing constructive feedback – great for teaching and leadership roles.

And let’s not forget, of course, that after being trained on what makes an effective CV – and seeing so many other CVs on such a regular basis – you’ll easily be able to turn your own CV into something fantastic that will get you noticed…


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