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I was just prompted to quickly post, having just seen a couple of interesting science jobs on the Careers Service’s ‘vacancies online‘ site, that have specifically asked for postgrads (Associate Medical Writer, and Healthcare Consultant, since you ask!).

I always think it’s worth keeping your eye on the site, as I often see jobs that would suit PhDs and postdocs. Some of you might be thinking that you’re not yet at the stage where you’re applying for jobs. However, keeping a gentle eye on a jobs board from the start of your studies or contract can really help you to get the most out of your time at Newcastle. If you know, for example, what’s in the job spec for a Medical Writer, you can start thinking about taking opportunities to develop skills and experiences during your degree/postdoc (writing papers, for example, or organising a conference).

The best way to get the most out of the site, I think , is to run a search under your categories of interest (whether that’s a specific sector; type of job; or geographical area), and click the ’email me jobs like these’ button. What I like about it the Service is that, unlike other websites (naming no names), you only get the email once a week, unless you specify otherwise. I often feel that I’m drowning in email, so I appreciate this small act of kindness of the part of the programmer!

Why not give it a try for a month or two, and see what comes up?


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