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{react} is a science magazine run by Newcastle students. The idea came about when it was announced that Newcastle would be hosting the British Science Festival in September 2013 and {react} was then launched in November 2012. With one issue published per term, the magazine is aimed at anyone interested in science, whatever their background. The team want to offer students interested in science journalism the chance of getting involved on the publishing side and, ultimately, create a forum for learning about, discussing and promoting of science and scientific issues.

react issues 1 & 2Each issue has a theme; topics covered so far are; “Firsts”, “Sustainability: Running out of Steam” and issue 3 will be titled “Centre of the Earth, Bottom of the Sea”. In addition to features to go with the issue themes, there are also regular sections: “Ncl Research” covers on-going research projects at Newcastle Uni, “Science Heroes” features a profile on a science personality, “Science: Fiction” goes into the science behind fictional stories and  “Student Stories” gives an insight into science experiences outside the lab.

Having recently published the second issue, issue 3 is about to come out in May with issue 4 planned for October 2013. Anyone wishing to contribute to {react}, is very welcome to do so. This could mean writing articles about e.g. your own research projects or an area of science that you are interested in, editing copy or designing illustrations. There is absolutely no experience necessary, but it is a fantastic experience, really good fun and it also makes any CV look a little different from the rest.

Check out website for more information, tips for writers, and where to get copies, and the latest issue is still on there, too. You can also find us on Facebook (“React Magazine”) or follow us on Twitter (“react_magazine”) to be kept in the loop about calls for articles and updates. The team would love to hear from you!

The react team


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