Insider’s Guide to… Management Consultancy

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Management consultancy is often a popular choice for doctoral career changers, involving, as it does, good research, analytical and communication skills. There are also lots of opportunities to specialise in a particular sector that perhaps relates to your research – we know two biosciences postdocs who have recently moved into management consultancies that specialise in pharmaceuticals and in R&D, for example.

If you fancy finding out more about management consultancy, there are a few approaches to try. You can do some desk-based research through our occupational pages, to find out more about the facts of the role and the industry. You can do some desk-based networking through our Graduate Connections database, which contains profiles of graduates in different jobs (including 93 PhD graduates), who you can email to ask for advice and information. Or, you can go one step better and actually hear direct from consultants themselves. We’re holding an Insider’s Guide event next week, featuring two guest speakers from different consultancies. There will be opportunities to network with them afterwards (including the all-important tea and biccies), which I would highly recommend – it never hurts to network, even if you’re shy, and this is a great opportunity to practice (the presenters are here to talk to you too after all).

More details about how to sign up on our events pages.


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