Peer Language Mentoring

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Are your reading a paper in a language which is not your own? Are you going abroad on University business? Do you need help transcribing interviews in a foreign language?

For this and many other language related help you need: Peer Language Mentoring

A language support service available to postgraduate researchers and early career researchers at Durham and Newcastle University.  Individuals or small groups can request a FREE half hour session with a language mentor in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  Mentors can provide:

  • language and pronunciation surgery
  • reading support
  • translation and transcription support
  • pre-conference consultancy
  • presentation practice session
  • a cultural acclimatisation session prior to fieldtrips, conferences and residences abroad.

Please note that this is neither private tuition nor a language course.  The aim is to provide researchers with short term and  focused language support.

How to book

Please send a brief request (2 sentences) outlining the type of support required to   The sessions are free, can take place in either Newcastle or Durham and you will be contacted directly by the mentor to arrange a date, time and venue.


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