Where Next? Exploring impact, increasing commercial awareness and enhancing your employability

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What: interactive workshop for all PGR students considering their future goals, whatever stage of research

When: Thursday 14th February 09.30am – 16.00pm

Where: Devonshire Building G20/21

Where next? – A question which is firmly in the minds of many PGRs, given the current reduction of opportunities in HE and the challenging economic situation. Whether you are aiming to work in academia, become an employee or be self employed, this highly interactive session aims to provide you with relevant and practical knowledge and skills.

The need: Successful PGRs need to be enterprising, creative and resourceful whilst solving complex problems and addressing challenging issues in innovative ways. They also need to be equipped to take on a challenge and see it through to completion. The ability to build networks, present ideas convincingly and win support for projects and funding proposals are also vital attributes to secure success.

In a fast changing and highly competitive world, organisations need creative and enterprising people and teams, and increasingly value people with an enterprising approach and an understanding of what makes a business successful and what customers need. Research has shown that employers believe that this is an area where graduates and PGRs would benefit from more knowledge.

How this session helps: We present a real life issue, which illustrates how research at Newcastle University is making an impact in wider society, through the Societal Challenge themes of Sustainability, Ageing and Health and Social Renewal, by developing  solutions to real and pressing societal issues and making a difference to people’s lives.

During the workshop you will use creative thinking techniques to develop solutions in response to a real life challenge, work in a multi disciplinary team, gain knowledge about what makes a business successful and sustainable, develop a hypothetical venture and present your ideas convincingly to the problem owner.

What you will gain from attending:
This session aims to:

  • further develop expertise which is important to you as a researcher
  • give an insight into what is involved in creating a business to make a difference from  research and make the benefits available in society
  • offer the opportunity to network with people from other disciplines
  • enable you to reflect on your transferable skills and employability

For more information please contact Jenny Brady: jenny.brady@newcastle.ac.uk. To sign up (there are limited places available so act quickly!) please use your school’s electronic register sign up system.

What other PGRs think:
“This is the best session I have attended….”
“Very Informative”

Secondary Outcomes (taken from the RDF)
B1-5 Personal qualities – Self reflection

B2-4 Self management – Responsiveness to change

B3-2 Professional and career development – Continuing professional development

B3-3 Professional and Career development – Responsiveness to opportunities

B3-4 Professional and career development – Networking

In collaboration with Rise Up in the Careers Service – an innovative, award winning business start up support service for Newcastle University students and graduates.




2 thoughts on “Where Next? Exploring impact, increasing commercial awareness and enhancing your employability

    Jenny Brady said:
    07/02/2013 at 3:30 pm

    Comments from previous HASS attendees of this session:

    ‘I found this session really useful for considering the skills I’ve developed during my studies in a completely different way. As a Literature PhD student I was not sure what I could bring, or gain, from a session on commercial awareness and business, but I was proven wrong. I would thoroughly recommend this to all Arts PGRs’

    “I found this session to be very interesting and engaging: a variety of group activities helped me to see the wider possibilities for applying the skills that I have acquired during my PhD (and it also helped me to recognise skills that I had not realised that I possessed!). The session also opened my eyes to possibilities for work and projects outside (or alongside) a traditional research career.”


    Jenny Brady said:
    07/02/2013 at 3:33 pm

    Comments from previous SAgE and Medical Faculties attendees:

    “I found the workshop enlightening and rewarding. The session introduces you to business start-up, and focuses on a case study. The current state of the business is described to all participants, including proposed long term aims. You work as part of a team, and very broadly plan how the business is going to develop in the future to meet its aims. By doing this I gained insight into business start-up including the huge number of things to consider, which were brought up from the business planning model, including finance, marketing, R &D and so on, as well as experience delivering a pitch to potential investors. Also it was a lot of fun!”


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