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I know, I know, we’ve been a bit quiet of late. That’s semester 1 for you – a mad whirlwind of appointments; emails; meetings; more emails; teaching; and a few more emails, whilst valiantly trying to maintain a grip on your sanity. I can only apologise for our recent quiet! Let me update you on what we’ve been hearing about since we last posted:

  • It seems that the AHRC are looking to go down the ‘internships for PhD students’ route, along with the BBSRC. As with the BBSRC, you can’t do research work in a university – the objective is to look outside for something new to add to your skills and experience. Because I’m the naturally curious type, I’d be really interested to hear about what kinds of internships arts and humanities PhDs would like to pursue (or what PhD graduates wished they had pursued!).
  • The Royal Society for Chemistry is looking for early career researchers in science (all disciplines) to participate in their SET for Britain poster competition, giving you the opportunity to present your work to VIPs in the House of Commons – a great opportunity for anyone interested in public policy. The closing date is Christmas Eve (24th December).
  • I spent this lunchtime perusing a video (do people still call them videos?!) that some Bristol University students made in response to the European Commission’s video “Science: It’s a Girl Thing“, which aims to encourage more women into science. I read that the Bristol video cost around £20 to make, so I have to admit that I was super impressed with what they had done with the budget, and had a hearty chuckle at how completely ridiculous it was. It was only when I got to the end and saw that there was no punchline that I realised that I was watching the European Commission’s video and not the spoof. I invite you to watch, in slack-jawed amazement, as the EC accurately depicts the life of women in science. If only I hadn’t studied geography, my working life too could have been filled with make-up brushes, lip-gloss, and blowing kisses at iron filings. I guess hindsight really is 20/20. 

2 thoughts on “Updates from the wilderness

    Ann Fitchett said:
    10/12/2012 at 4:47 pm

    Yes up here around the med school we are all strutting around in stilettos re-touching our make up and posing seductively next to a bunsen burner….Please don’t give this video anymore publicity, it would be funny if it didn’t cost more Euros than we can count!


      Lorna Dargan responded:
      10/12/2012 at 4:53 pm

      I would have thought that posing seductively next to a bunsen burner was against health and safety, but I’m just a humble geographer not a lady-scientist (though I can tell you that there wasn’t much in the way of posing seductively next to areas of urban deprivation in my work!).


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