Jobs and fellowships round-up

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We’ve had a few global opportunities come through this week – see below!

SoMoPro Third Call for Proposals: Incoming Grants 

Summary: SoMoPro is a Marie Curie-like programme operating in South Moravia (Chzech Republic). SoMoPro supports research in science, technology and medicine (Humanities and Social sciences are not included). SoMoPro Incoming grants have a minimum duration of 12 months up to a maximum of 36 months. All projects must be completed by November 30th, 2016.

Deadline: 7th November 2012

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Summary: The purpose of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program is to build world-class research capacity by recruiting top-tier Canadian and international postdoctoral researchers at an internationally competitive level of funding.

Deadline: 1st November 2012

Japan Atomic Energy Agency

Summary: JAEA are now recruiting postdoctoral researchers from the following fields:

  • Computational science
  • Advanced science research
  • Nuclear science and engineering
  • Nuclear safety research
  • Quantum beam science
  • Fusion research and development
  • Advanced nuclear system and research development
  • Geological isolation research and development
  • Other related research fields

Deadline: 21st September 2012



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