Manchester postgraduate careers blog

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We’re not the only blog on the block, and if you haven’t already added the fantastic Manchester Postgraduate Careers Blog to your RSS feed, then you really should. Posts I’ve been enjoying this week include:

  • How to get that postdoc: okay, technically it’s a reblog from A Retrosynthetic Life, but Manchester was smart enough to reblog it where I could see it, and introduced me to a new blog at the same time. This post has continued a debate I’ve been having with some of my colleagues about the length of an academic CV (the post suggests 2 pages! I met a senior academic in one of our research institutes who says the same, which seems very short to some of us)

And that’s not to mention the posts in the last few weeks about speculative applications, dealing with discrimination, and getting into clinical science.

So, if you haven’t subscribed to their postgraduate blog already, taken a look at their academic careers website, or followed them on twitter (@ManPGCareers), then get cracking, because you’re missing out!


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