Meet the team (again!)

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We’ve had a bit of a reshuffle in the Careers Service over the summer, so I thought it might be helpful to update you all on who’s who.

I’m Lorna and am one of the Careers Advisers. I work with the PGRs in the SAgE and Medical Sciences faculty (along with the bioscience undergrads), and have also taken on responsibility for the university’s contract research staff (portfolio previously held by Rachael Roberts, who now works in the Business School, amongst other things!). You can find out more about me on our staff pages, or catch up with me on twitter @LornaDargan

Fiona Hartley has now taken over from David Levinson as the Careers Adviser for the HASS faculty PGRs, as David has since returned to bonny Scotland (well, we couldn’t keep him forever). You can find out more about Fiona on our staff profile pages, or follow her on twitter @Fiona_Hartley.

Ciara Kennedy was our point of contact for all things entrepreneurial, but has taken on new challenges since leaving the Careers Service, and Jane Nolan has moved on to tackle a PhD in HASS. However, the Entrepreneurial Development Team is still available, and will be updating us with all the relevant news as you need it. You can also keep up to date with their work via their newsletter.

PhD students have the same access to the Service as any other student, and can use the Service for three years after graduation. Contract research staff have slightly different eligibility, but can access one-to-one advice on any aspect of their careers – more details on the research staff web pages for the Staff Development Unit.


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