Starting a journey of discovery…..

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So…..I have made it through the Portal….. and now a whole new landscape is opening up. Embarking on a PhD does suggest an innate curiosity – so I am finding it exciting, if somewhat daunting, as I start exploring this interesting territory. The mountains look very beautiful though extremely high. What is beyond them? Where is my final destination?  It will be a five year journey of discovery.

I am a new part time PhD student and over the last couple of weeks have been receiving a very comprehensive induction. HASS Faculty  and School PGR staff are extremely supportive, happy to help make the map of this strange new world comprehensible and to enable us to learn the language of the research process. There are so many options on offer, so many things to learn, so many interesting people to meet – I have heard about some truly amazing research topics from an incredibly diverse group of students.  A wonderful richness of people, knowledge and potential .I am feeling very happy and excited about this opportunity, looking forward to working with my supervisors and to a whole new world of learning.

Up to now I have navigated the world of the university using a different map – as an Entrepreneur in Residence with the Rise Up team in the Careers Service, delivering workshops on enterprise and entrepreneurship as part of the PGR Development Programme. So now I am both a workshop deliverer, aiming to help people on their journey in the world beyond the university, and a PGR.

I experienced this very vividly last week – attending an intensive day of induction, and venturing out in the midst of everything to deliver a workshop to support entrants to the Biotechnology Yes competition. On 25th October I will be presenting SAgE Solvers – so if you are interested in developing your entrepreneurial and enterprise skills, please sign up through the PGRDP booking system– everything that is covered in the workshop, from creative thinking and idea generation tools, to elevator pitching is helpful in a range of contexts, not only business. Given the challenging economic times we live in, with portfolio careers, self employment and freelancing on the rise as ways to make a living, developing enterprise skills could help you successfully navigate your way in a very competitive world.

I’ll be reflecting on my progress as I contribute to this blog over the months and years to come, and I very much look forward to meeting and hearing from other researchers along the way,



One thought on “Starting a journey of discovery…..

    Victoria Pagan said:
    17/10/2011 at 8:58 am

    Congratulations on your PhD studies! I hope to be able to talk with the same level of success next year.


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