Programming in Scientific Research – Seminars for Newcastle Researchers

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Two Newcastle researchers, Elizabeth Petrie and Matt Wade are planning to run a monthly seminar series along the theme of a recent workshop on programming in scientific research. A specific mailing list is available that will provide you with reminders and allow you to suggest and discuss topics. If you’d like to assist in organising the series or contribute to the seminar programme, contact or . The seminar series will usually take place on the first Tuesday of the month at lunchtime so you are welcome to take your lunch with you!

Parallel Computing, myths and truths;  Dr. Stephen McGough Research Manager, School of Computing Science

Tuesday 4th October at 1pm in the Alnwick room, Kings Road Centre, Newcastle University

“Parallel computing is often shrouded in mystery caused by misunderstandings. This seminar is intended to explain the different types of parallel computing, the sorts of problems that each type is best suited to along with explaining away a number of the misconceptions that send people down the wrong path wasting significant amounts of time and effort. The aim of this seminar is to give you an appreciation of the different types of parallelism and where your problem is likely to fit within this space. This will allow you to target your efforts into the most appropriate approach.”

It will also include a dicussion on the Programming for Researchers resources available within Newcastle University.

The organisers would appreciate an email if you plan to attend, so they have an idea of numbers.


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