Job shadowing 60 people in 60 days

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Student Michael Warshafsky spent a summer job shadowing a range of professionals and has written a blog to share his experiences. In that time he sought out 60 different people doing a mix of roles to find out for himself what a typical day was like for them. He also used his time to ask the people he shadowed some probing questions about their areas of work. His blog , 60 Jobs in 60 Days features diverse roles including Travel Agent, Interior Designer, Dentist, Pharmacist, Film Editor, Nurse, Golf Pro, Pest Controller and even Career Counsellor!

You may not have the time to dedicate two months to carrying out this sort of research but you might want to think about how you could incorporate this strategy into your own career exploration. What are the questions you would like to ask – what are the roles you would like to know more about? The blog makes for interesting reading and highlights something I’m always trying to convince you of – experienced people are often willing to help you out!

I’d be interested to know what you think and whether you have your own experiences of shadowing to share……..


One thought on “Job shadowing 60 people in 60 days

    Shell Mendelson said:
    22/01/2012 at 6:28 pm

    It speaks highly of you that you took the time to commit yourself to doing a process I train all my clients to do as part of their career development. As a career counselor, I will use your experience as a role model for others. What I know for sure is that those that take the time to job shadow and/or complete “info interviews” only with those folks who are DOING the jobs or are in the careers they are interested in, have much more success overall. We all love to talk about ourselves. How many people are actually interested in what we do everyday. You are so right that others are willing to give their time to people who are clearly interested. The key is not to make it a job interview! Never contact anyone to shadow or info interview if your ulterior motive is to get a job. That will always come across as dishonest and will not lead to more contacts or help. Great post


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