Media Fellowships 2011

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I seem to meet loads of postgrads who want to get into journalism (not that you’re all desperate to escape or anything). This Media Fellowship could be just the ticket.

Application deadline: 1 March 2011

If you are a scientist, social scientist or engineer with a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience then you could experience first-hand how science is reported by spending 3-8 weeks on a summer placement with a national media host such as the Guardian, Nature or BBC, working with them to produce accurate, well-informed news pieces about developments in science.

You are eligible to apply for the scheme if you:

  • are a scientist, clinician, social scientist or engineer
  • have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience in your field
  • have a UK work contract until December 2011 (or June 2012 if you are not a UK citizen)
  • work at any level in an academic or research institution, industry, civil service or any other similar organisation

For details about the scheme, including an online application form, visit

If you would like to know about other British Science Association training schemes for postgrads please email with ‘Scientist in Society e-lerts’ in the subject line


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