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ACTION 2011: Sustainability

Having just returned from the launch of ACTION 2011: Sustainability I thought I’d share some news of it with you, so you explore this great opportunity for yourself.

At the launch we heard Professor Paul Younger talk about the challenges of sustainability both now and in the future – he highlighted how we should be thinking ahead – how things should be sustainable for our grand children’s grand children! We also heard Professor Max Robinson highlight what makes an entrepreneur – and how as a researcher you can become one without setting out to do so!

ACTION 2011: Sustainability provides a basis for research staff and postgraduate researchers to come together, outside of their existing research, to explore a sustainability challenge. Small teams will work together, throughout 2011, on a project that will engage you with the concepts of enterprise  and research impact to address an issue under the theme of sustainability. It encourages you to get away from your desk, collaborate and think like an entrepreneur so that you develop a commercial approach to your research.

Each team will be provided with support through mentors, residential training and workshops – but you don’t need to be in a team to take part – individuals and teams can apply. All successful applicants will be brought together and given support to form teams over a two day residential training event.

The project is funded by the EPSRC but applications are welcomed from all disciplines – collaboration is key in this after all! Your idea could be a product or a service – it just needs to be a project that fits with the sustainability theme. Two prizes are available to the winning teams; a first prize of £10,000 and a second prize of £5000. Judges will be looking for business potential, the innovation of the proposal and the creativity of the team.

This initative is only open to Newcastle University researchers and provides a unique way to demonstrate a real understanding of the importance of research impact and collaboration. I’d urge you to find out more about how you could make the most of this opportunity.

Have a look at the website for more information ACTION 2011: Sustainability

Apply to take part by Tuesday 1st March 2011


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