Newcastle Engineering and Renewables Fair – Monday 21st February

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Newcastle Engineering and Renewables Fair

Lindisfarne Room, King’s Road Centre

21st February 2011, 15:00 – 17:30

Come along and meet a selection of the UK’s engineering and renewable energy companies and intermediaries.

  • Find out how you could fit into their organisation and what opportunities they have which interest you.
  • Talk to staff working for these companies and get some inside information on what they look for and how their business is developing.
  • Ask the questions that you can’t find answers for on their website.
  • Find out knowledge and information that could make your future application that bit more researched and specific.
  • Take the opportunity to impress them with your interest and enthusiasm for their business.

All of this makes for much more impressive applicants both on paper and in person!

The Fair is open to postgraduate researchers and research staff. Bring your smartcard for easier and quicker access into the event.

See the list of exhibitors with links to their websites.

The Engineering & Renewable Energy Fair is a national event organised by Newcastle University Careers Service.


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