Transitions group comes to an end

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Today I have facilitated the eighth and last session in the Transitions Programme. The programme provides an opportunity for a small group of Newcastle University research staff, considering careers outside of academic research, to  work together over a four month period on their career planning. It is a collaborative programme, allowing the opportunity to learn a lot from the experiences of others as well as explore your own skills, motivations, interests and values, identify suitable career paths and develop the strategies and techniques to successfully move in that direction.

I have now run a number of these programmes and it is always a little sad when they come to an end – you get to know the people well after all. However, it is great to see the participants learn more about themselves and their priorities and identify how they want to take this learning forward – whether they decide academia is right for them after all or opt for a new direction.

I now look forward to working with the next group, starting in early March and finishing in mid June.

If you are a member of research staff at Newcastle University and are interested in being part of the next cohort, contact me for more details.


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