SAgE Solvers – Don’t miss the chance to work with entrepreneurial Professor Max Robinson on 17th Feb 2011, 1-5pm!!

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A SAgE Solvers half day workshop is coming up on 17th February 2011 – it’s an opportunity for entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork, as participants solve a real life problem, think creatively, generate solutions, plan a hypothetical business and present their ideas.

The entrepreneurial Professor on 17th February will be Max Robinson, a highly respected academic, pioneer, inventor and visionary in the field of 3D X-ray imaging, with more than 25 years experience in the commercialisation of academic research.

In 2003, Max formed a spin out venture from the University of Durham’s Physics Department – Kromek, formerly Durham Scientific Crystals, to commercialise technology which had been developed in the Physics Department over a period of 20 years. Kromek is pioneering digital colour imaging for x-rays and has brought ground-breaking innovation to materials technology and advanced 3D imaging. This includes significant applications in medical imaging, security screening, industrial inspection and space exploration, allowing for very precise identification of materials. It holds multiple contracts, has raised in excess of £8million to develop its current product range and has won international awards.

17th February 2011 is also the day on which Max is launching the Action 2011:Sustainability programme at 12 noon, before taking part in the Solvers workshop. It will be possible to attend the launch and then come to the workshop, so please sign up for both!

The Solvers session is one of 2 workshops taking place as part of the PGR development programme, the next one will be 19th April 2011.

On 19th April the problem setting entrepreneur will be Dr Gavin Clark.

SAgE Postgraduate researchers can book a place for one of these workshops through the Faculty office now

Jane Nolan MBE, Development Officer and Entrepreneur in Residence, Newcastle University Careers Service


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