Online aptitude test – try it for fun or practice for the real thing

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We’re just about to enter the new year of graduate recruitment. Employers will be looking for their next intake of recruits and a significant number of these will be PhD students looking for their first career move or early career researchers looking for a new path outside academia.

When you start looking for jobs, it is obvious that you need to review, update and tailor your CV and start to think about how to put yourself across at interview. But how many people consider the need to practice aptitude tests?

Able candidates, even those who have studied relevant subjects, can fall down during the selection process after performing poorly at numerical and verbal tests. Often, this is because they are unfamiliar with the style of questions or find it difficult to get the right balance between speed and accuracy under time pressure, rather than because they haven’t got the aptitude for it. It is often difficult to get realistic examples of a full test because, understandably, employers are protective of their selection tools.

Many employers, across a range of sectors, use aptitude tests as a key part of the selection process, so it is worth investing a bit of time to prepare.

 You can access free, online, numerical and verbal reasoning tests via the Careers Service website. As well as giving you realistic practice of the type of tests employers regularly use, you will receive a report explaining your results and how to improve on them.

For more information and to register for the tests go to the Careers Service website.


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